Virentem Ventures

Virentem Helps Guide Your Start Ups Growth

What We Do
Virentem Ventures works with early stage ideas and start-ups to refine and focus their business for maximum success.  We prepare market analysis, IP strategy, financial models, and a map of the competitive landscape to build solid business plans and pitches that get funded.  Virentem Ventures prepares your idea for presentation to Tier 1 venture capital firms and assist in introductions. If your funding needs are less intensive we can provide introductions to a variety of angel investors.
Virentem Use a Design Thinking Approach for Business Success
Our Advantages:  Design Thinking, Innovation, Implementation
Virentem Ventures applies "Design Thinking" to building profitable companies.  We develop the 'HOW' of your business using several multi-discipline approaches and tapping into authentic innovative design principles.  More than a catch-phrase, design thinking is our mantra and the key to implementing game changing companies.
How We Partner
We conduct a high level review of your business and patents free of charge.  You get our best thinking and guidance in a Focus Report action plan free of charge!  We also structure IP licenses and identify potentially patentable technology to maximize your competitive advantage.  If appropriate, we align our mutual interests by working at reduced market rates and for a small equity position to conserve your valuable cash.
Virentem Structure for Start Up Success
Structure for Success
Success has a structure.  Virentem Ventures helps build out your board and advisor list.  We have relationships with top tier Law Firms that will work at reduced rates to incorporate your company and protect your intellectual property with patents.  Call on us to help you get it right the first time!
Start Today
Timing is critical.  Don't waste another minute "going it alone".  Work with seasoned professionals that will help you achieve your business goals.  We work with you to focus your efforts on proven methods for success.