Virentem Ventures

The Cotyledon Opportunity

The Cotyledon Opportunity Gives Start-Ups Everything They Need to Grow

Our experience starting companies has taught us that early stage companies have nearly identical structural needs:

  1. Skilled Advisors to help with structure and planning
  2. Short and medium range operating plans
  3. Office space
  4. Compute resources
  5. Bookkeeping staff
  6. Patent, trademark, and legal counselling at minimal cost


At Virentem Ventures we call this set of common needs the cotyledon after the nearly identical first pair of leaves that emerge from all plant seeds.  All emerging companies have these needs regardless of their unique differentiating value.

If you have an early stage company or idea that would benefit from some structure and planning, apply for the Virentem Ventures Cotyledon Growth Opportunity by filling out this application.  (We are very discerning but the potential rewards are well worth the effort of filling out the application.)